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order now: 855.932.2228


Natural, Non-toxic, Biodegradable
Solvent and Tar Cleaner

Strong enough for Industrial Use and Safe to Use Around the Home and Shop

TarRelease™ is an all-natural, biodegradable cleaning solution with many uses, including:

Removing asphalt from tools, shuttle buggies, Pavers, bottom dumps, and more

Cleaning tar and asphalt off truck frames, rims, painted surfaces, and concrete.

Cleaning tanks, tankers, railcars

Degreasing engines, transmissions, final drives, equipment, and parts

Removing waxes and inks

Light or heavy duty cleaning

Cleaning household items

TarRelease™ is safe for many surfaces, including aluminum, Stainless steel, tile, formica, and many surfaces found in industrial settings. TarRelease™ is not intended to be used on fabrics and certain rubbers and fabrics. As always try in an inconspicuous area first.


TarRelease™ can be used without dilution or, if preferred, pre-diluted solutions can be formed. Use straight out of the container on the toughest cleaning job. Simply pour on rag or spray surface and wipe clean. For lighter duty jobs, TarRelease™ can be diluted to preference. TarRelease™ can be sprayed, pressure washed, mopped, or wiped on the surface.


Color: Pale Yellow-Light Brown
Odor: Mild
Viscosity: >30 cps
Dilutable: Yes
Density: ~7.6lb/gal
Flash Point: >199 °F


All materials should be kept tightly closed to avoid outside contamination. Drums and pails should be kept in a vertical position. Do not store in metal containers, material should be store in plastic containers, lined drums or stainless steels containers.


TarRelease™ is available in sizes from 2 oz to 275 gal.

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