As always, when using an industrial strength tar remover such as Tar Release™, please take care and use the proper safety equipment and caution. Maximize your safety and the safety of others by wearing gloves and eye protection, and working in a well-ventilated area.

Roofing tar from shingles, sealants, etc. is tough to remove. The longer Tar Release™ can work on dissolving the wet or dried roofing tar, the better the results. Start by applying a generous amount of Tar Release™ to wet the surface of the roofing tar you wish to remove. Let set for a few minutes. During that time, you will begin to see the roofing tar start to dissolve. Using a rag, putty knife, or other tool, carefully scrape/wipe the roofing tar from the surface taking care not to scratch the surface. Repeat as needed. Rinse when finished.

Tar Remover works on concrete (cement), stone, brick, metals, and vinyl.